What is a Set?

A Set is a smaller, organized gallery of photographs.  Currently, Sets are only available for upgraded users.

There are two kinds of Sets. Profile Sets and Portfolio Sets. Profile Sets are available to both Awesome and Plus users, while Portfolio sets are part of the personal Portfolio feature available for Awesome members only.

Profile Sets appear in your community Profile at 500px.com/*YourUsername*/Sets . These can be public or private with the option of password protection. You can customize the order of the photos in your Sets, unlike your Profile where photos are ordered by most recent uploaded first. Profile Sets have an amazing light-box style slideshow feature.

Portfolio Sets are helpful when trying to organize your Portfolio. For example, you can use Portfolio Sets to separate your commercial photography from your wedding photography.

Sets are useful when trying to organize photos by category, date, subject matter, event, or anything else you would want to group your images by.

You can create and manage Sets from the Manage Photos page.

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