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Music in the Portfolio

Hi guys 500px rock and will be great If we can put music in the portfolio as in Zenfolio and many others ... just a tip ... http://junoart.500px.com and me with music in http://junoart.zenfolio.com bes...

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Just noticed a small bug!

Was going through Popular page today around 02:22 am EDT and noticed this image http://500px.com/photo/77937115/nastya-by-dmitry-usyk?from=popular&only= was there for about 2 days :) How is this possible? I hav...

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although I've validated the send notifications I'm getting nothing since two days... and I'm loosing contact with those who "Liked my work and can't send them any reply... Why is that? And how to get back to no...

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Change PULSE algorithm

Since you introduced those buttons for like and favorites on thumbnail pages and on top of every single photograph I've noticed sigbnificant increase of Likes and Favs and significant decrease of comments. Cos'...

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Tags Not Saving on Final Upload

All of my photos have complete keywords (tags) and metadata when uploaded to the site and saved, yet once I click "finish upload" the keywords are not saving. It is quite time consuming to edit every singe phot...

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Lytro photos

I have a few Lytro photos and I thought you can upload them to 500px. Can't find it how though – the uploader only accepts jpegs. How do I do that? Example: http://500px.com/lytro/

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changing your portfolio logo

I am trying to update my portfolio logo and having no joy at all. I delete the old logo and save, I then select the new logo and save again. The system then just re-uploads the logo I have just deleted. It mak...

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rss feed

hello im new on 500px.i have made an app for my phone and to upload photos i need the rss feed to do that.my problem is that i cant find that button.how can i get it??

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Now, problem wiith upload

And I thought that all systems are back to normal. How wrong I am. I just attempted to upload a photo and tried more than 5 times over half an hour. Every time is the same problem/message "Photo(s) could not ...

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Terrible customer service!!!

Terrible customer service!!! You offer to help customers via live chat on your site and as soon as a customer start to complain and express his frustrations about your bad service and slow website, you end the...

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