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Viewing photo in black background, in maximise mood etc

I have seen some members able to allow a photo to be seen against a black background, maximised etc. How is this done? Are they themes?? Thanks.

Flow in profile

Does the flow tab in the my personal profile page have an image or time limit? If I like so many photos will older likes be removed from my flow? Or if I haven't like something in a long time, will older liked ...

Liquid error: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

Hi, I keep on getting an error message when trying to open my website. I am using a free trial of awesome at the moment and the liquid theme. I also have a custom URL connected to my account. Please check ou...

Lightroom Plugin 1.7 - Where is the Windows to enter Titel, Category, Tags etc?

I just updated to Lightroom 1.7 and tried to upload a new Picture to 500px as I did previously. However, the Window prompting for the Title, category, tags etc is not showing up. Instead the picture is bein...

Favoriting a photo in a group

I must be missing something - if I want to favorite a photo I see in a group so I can also look at the photographer's other work, how can I do that?

Portfolios won't work on IE 11?

Hi, was thinking of upgrading to Awesome but it seems that portfolios won't work on IE 11? (address bar says to upgrade browser when I click to edit portfolio although no such message is displayed on content ar...

Free account photo upload failed, limit now wrongly set as full

Free account photo upload failed and now can't upload as limit reached, although it shouldn't be - could you sort for me please? Thanks.

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is 500px down?

can't load images on people's pages. only the cover photo and the top bar appears. the rest is the spinning infinity sign. discover images very slow to load, need to refresh 10 times or more to get them to dis...

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Searching for groups and discussions

I can't find a way to search for a specific group or discussion forum. The search function seems very limited as to what you can search for. For example, if I want to search for a group or forum that discusses ...

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Slide show For full Screen

Need an Site Update, Viewing Images at Full screen would increase OUR Pictures View with more beauty

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