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Proposed Comments Limit

500px.....I think you know I am a big fan of the site and a big promoter of it to other photographers. That being said - if you limit the number of comments that I can give to others or that they can give to m...

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Did Doctor Who visit your office ??

Good morning Alex . Have we gone back in time ?? I see this morning the site is getting back to pages in the fresh categories , Yea !! :-) Thus i wondered if Doctor Who has paid you guys a visit ?? and if h...

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Selling pictures on the free acount

Hi, Can I upload pictures for sale (via either download or print) with my free account? And, if some of the picture are on less than 3000px, would I still earn something from it? I had troubles to find...

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new site

The new version of the site does not work. I can not select a category of photo!

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I think it would be a lot fairer when new uploads are limited. It is really very unfair if some user upload many images in a row and new photos will be unnoticed pushed back. Can you just introduce a limit per ...

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new update

Hello Sorry for my bad english, but I try my best .... Your new update is very extremely bad for the users !!!! If I look for new entries or upcoming pictures, I see ever the same pictures, because in the t...

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feedback on the last changes

My opinion is that your last changes were not a good idea : everything (uploading, finding my photos, etc) has become much more complicated, and on the other hand scrolling was much better than changing pages. ...

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i just read that i will get notification when somebody comments on my wall on 500px but i can not see anything like wall not even on profiles of others to leave some comment. i can see just their photos there a...

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prime and downloading

Hello, I was curious about something: in your prime section, people can buy the picture, but there's also a download button just under the picture and this download is free. I've tried it and I can download...

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Some improvement options

Hi, As an avid 500px user I really love what you aredoing. From my extensive experience with the site and its apps there's a few suggestions though I would like to propose. 1) It's very annoying when pos...

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