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Default language

Hello, im from Ukraine, but i see your website in russian language :( Yes, i know that lots of our citizens speak russian, but more people prefer our national language - ukrainian. I would apperciate alot i...

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"Follow" button does not work!

The "Follow" button does not work for me today! I did try to reboot computer, different browsers, etc - the result the same - when i try to follow other photographers - I can not do this! My system is Windows...

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Espacio de comentarios

En la version de castellano, al lado del avatar y antes del comentario del usuario, poneis 'hace aproximadamente' esto implica que las opciones 'Reply' y 'te gusta' queden escondidas, ┬┐Podriais poner 'Cerca de'...

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LightRoom 500px Plugin Unpublished All Photos from 500px

Hello, I have accidentally removed all my photos from 500px using the lightroom plugin. Can you please restore them? I think the same happened here http://support.500px.com/customer/portal/questions/54579...

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How can I edit the image descriptions in bulk via the Manage Photos Screen?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to edit the image titles and descriptions of a set in bulk after uploading them? I want to be able to edit the titles numerically after laying out the images but having to ...

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Incorrect adult flag

I just got an incorrect adult flag on this photo (it's a flower): http://500px.com/photo/71254217/cherry-blossom-(filter)-by-andreas-sjostrom Please remove it. Thanks! BR, Andreas

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[Portofolio] Can I change the format fonts?

Hello! It is possible to change the format fonts on the Header of my Portfolio? Thanks!

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[Portofolio] Uh oh! That page doesn't exist!

Hello! I'm trying to edit my portfolio, but I'm receiving the flowing message: Uh oh! That page doesn't exist! Please need your help to restore my site. Thanks!

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FB and Twittercounts

Why do you show the sharing counts of FB, Twitter & Co if you can't ensure consistency of those counts in your database? Than better don't show it! When editing a picture sometimes the count is getting lost. So...

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Platform Suggestion: Desktop, Mobile - Search other user's Followers

Hi Guys, I just searched the Support posts, but couldn't find a suggestion for it, or functionality on the platform. I think it could be handy to be able to search another user's Followers by name, for ot...

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