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Hi was just wondering why when I look at upgrade page from basic to plus on the site it says $18, but when you click through to pay and upgrade it changes to $25????? Thought I'd seek clarification before proc...

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Cannot create Portfolio

Hi guy I just update my 500px to awesome level yesterday (15.06.14). I interest in portfolio and I try to follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVutQy0P618 but i got a problem as below 1. I go ...

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Blocking or preventing followers with no photos?

Little bit of a complaint and a question.... ...I seem to be getting a lot of followers that have no photos of their own on 500px. I'd prefer followers to be "like-minded" and it be more of a reciprocal rela...

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For some reason I am not receiving any email notifications when someone likes, favourites or comments on my photo? I have not changed anything in my account and checked to make sure that my email was correct an...

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How do I change my portfolio link?

My 500px page is located at: http://500px.com/brianepreston My portfolio link from that page shows lionsdenphoto.com. This is my old address. I have since switched to brianpreston.ca How do I change this...

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Hey Guys, Notifications are not working again at time of this post.

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Sharing on other sites

Hey guys! It would be great to see a function of seeing where my photos were shared on other social media sites, such as facebook an co. At the moment I can just see the number of shares at my photos but ...

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with this partner program, do we still reserve the right to advertise on our own or will that conflict with the arrangement that 500px have with their partners? Given that the photos submitted for the partn...

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Permission/ Rights to Print an Image

How can I gain legal permission to print (3 prints only)of Cristina Oteros' Trauma on a Personalised Gaming Headset?

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statistic on individual photo and summary for author

Yesterday I have notice extremlly big difference in summery statistic fot author and individual statistic for each individual work of same author. To be precise Author Hiro_r yesterday has a summarry statist...

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