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Store & managing photos

Question 1. I have already uploaded 27 photos and only 2 of then where showing in the store , what does it mean ? Isn't my all photos are not for sale ? please explain ? Question 2. I uploaded total of ...

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I have discovered my work on this site marked Via 500px. when you click on the it takes you to an other viewing page an if you right click you can copy a fair sized image. http://background-pictures.vi...

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I have just pay for Plus Account but my account still is basic

I have just pay for Plus Account but my account still is basic. Can you support me? My page: http://500px.com/ncthanh

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Links in Milan theme Lightbox

I really like the Milan theme but it is missing links to 500px and to buy/download/license images. Are there any plans to add this in and if not is there some code I could apply to the image's Lightbox to a...

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Serious problem. Titles screwed up, descriptions hacked

Good afternoon. The titles on my photos had an html string appended to them. On top of that, I've found the word "pwned" on the end of the description of one of my photos, which makes it pretty clear that some...

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Sin resolver,desde el 17 de mayo.

Hola. El 16 de Mayo envié el primer mail con el siguiente problema : SOY CONSTANTEMENTE INTERRUMPIDO POR UNA BARRA QUE DICE "CONSUMMER KEY MISSING" Primero me atendió Alyssa.Después Alex (aparentemente,nad...

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Waiting for upgrade

It's hard to believe that the upgrade process isn't a automatic process. Still waiting since this morning to become a plus member. Really I need to wait to a work day? I need to upload photos to present a portf...

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Consumer Key missing

If I select the back button after opening an image from the Discover section, whether it be popular, upcoming etc, I get the left hand menu options and a blank page with the message 'Consumer Key missing' at th...

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500px hacked?

Something went terribly wrong! All titles of my images have been modified by adding a javascript link. All my descriptions and keywords have the word "pwned". I did nothing special today. Just logged in, u...

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