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Hurting comments

Can somebody stop T Travel (unfortunately his name is not known) to give not appropriate comments to other viewers comments. IMO everybody should be free to comment displayed photos on his own, but not to comme...

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Harmony II by Eeman Saleem

Really, don't you think that you (the 500px staff) should keep people from thinking that this is a photograph ( http://500px.com/photo/73559311/h-a-r-m-o-n-y-ii-by-eeman-saleem?from=popular&only= ) ???? I mean...

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problems uploading a set of 75 pictures

I just spend 2 hours preparing my set of about 70 pictures, now it says that there is a problem with the uploading because of the connection with the server, the problem is NOT on my side, If at your end it is ...

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Portfolio Update

Hi Team, I created a Portfolio with the name http://ratnasamiraphotography.com but later created another one and linked it to my domain www.thephotoo.com. I updated the same in the Portfolio Editor but ev...

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Comments & Likes

Good morning, It would be nice if anyone viewing the 500PX site could see all comments and likes. Not just those who have an account and sign in. With Google+ anyone can see +'s and comments but can't post u...

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Time in EXIF is not the same as the time "Taken"

Hello! I have noticed that the time specified right of the tab "Taken" in the information about my photos does not match the time specified in EXIF. For example, my last photo "A Safe Harbour" was taken at ...

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To all the team at 500px

Hi to all the team at 500px Would it be possible to curate the top page of the site. Where by 500px decide which photos go to the top page. Since the top page is like the flagship of the site, and in many ins...

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Low pulse

Despite the high likes and favorites, why my photo has low pulse? http://500px.com/photo/73552785/syrian-girl-by-ali-asili Now view count; 394 Likes: 64 Favorites: 29 Comments : 4 But pulse is: 39...

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Cache on Android app

When I see photographs on my phone, they are stored someone on the phone cache. How can I access that cache? I am using 500px Android app (version: 2.2.4). Thanks.

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Tessellation theme

Anyone know how to ensure the order of images as displayed on this theme? it seems to organize the images in a way that doesn't jibe with my set organization, and i cannot understand how to override this. th...

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