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Hey, what do I see. You did some very nice changes! I like that there are only two links at the left side. And the three-point-menue at the right side is very helpful. I often had to scroll down to reach the co...

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Crop Function

The Crop Function is a mess! The chances of getting the crop I want is zero. Will this ever work properly?

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How to download photos from my own account in original resolution?

I'm trying to download my photos from my own account in the original resolution. I went to Store settings but the image in the centre column is whited-out and says "Browse - No file selected," even though th...

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Map is not showing

Before the map function is still fine, but now all I see is gray. I am using Google Chrome, I am not sure if it works on other browser though.

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Your image is loading

For some reason all I am getting is "Your image is loading" when trying to up load from Lightroom 5.4. Are you having issues this morning?

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Please delete my sets.

Hello there! My awesome account expired and I can't delete my sets, would you please delete them? I don't really need them right now. Thanks in advance.

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Exclusive licensing checkbox not marked anymore on processed photos

Hi Team, I have a couple of dozen photos that I submitted for licensing and allowed them to be exclusively licensed with Prime, they were processed and marked as such. However now I am noticing when I revie...

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Bonjour Je ne désire pas que mes photos puissent être partagés sur des réseaux sociaux tel facebook, pinterest ou autres. Comment puis-je désactiver ces options sur l'ensemble de mes photos. Merci pour votre...

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Chat room

How do I start customer online chat window?

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Hall of fame

Is it possible to make kind of hall of fame? Same like popular, but pictures will sorted by highest pulse

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