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Filename and Title

Hello, The Filename of my uploaded images is still not becoming the Title. In some cases, I see that the EXIF Description has become the Title. This has been an issue for some time, and is affecting my inte...

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Newzcard.com - Hacked?

I was on your site yesterday and kept getting sent to a site called Newzcard? I thought it was part of your site so I signed up, now I cant get a response from the contact information there. I found this page o...

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If the portfolio is a awesome feature, why can I create portfolios?

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Store Sale: Paypal Payment pending, how long will it take?

Hello, to my surprise I found out today that someone bought a prime license of a picture from me. I requested payment via PayPal and it says pending. Anyone knows how long it will take until it's paid?

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Why can't I leave a Comment........

Hello, I'm having trouble commenting on pictures, I try to comment on pictures. and in my comment box to say thanks for the comment, but the comment just disappears from the box when I submit it, but it does n...

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Sharing on Facebook

How do i share my photo on facebook, when it makes to either "Popular" or "Upcoming" or "Editor's choice" ??

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Como adicionar a capa

Como adicionar capa? Tentei várias fotos e não consegui.

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Store & managing photos

Question 1. I have already uploaded 27 photos and only 2 of then where showing in the store , what does it mean ? Isn't my all photos are not for sale ? please explain ? Question 2. I uploaded total of ...

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I have discovered my work on this site marked Via 500px. when you click on the it takes you to an other viewing page an if you right click you can copy a fair sized image. http://background-pictures.vi...

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I have just pay for Plus Account but my account still is basic

I have just pay for Plus Account but my account still is basic. Can you support me? My page: http://500px.com/ncthanh

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