What are Recommended Photos?

Recommended Photos, is a feature that, prior to now, only existed on the 500px mobile apps. Our team has now brought this feature to web in order to help users discover new images and photographers that may appeal to them based on their likes!


One bit of feedback that we have received from users in the past is that it can be tricky to discover new, up-and-coming images and photographers. Personalized Content is a feature that aims to present users with new content effortlessly through "Recommended based on your activity" suggestions. No searching required! Simply scroll and you will find. 


The goal of this feature is to show users with less uploads in their home feed more recommendations, and users with more uploads less recommendations. This means that instead of a fixed number of recommendations, we insert them based on gaps of time.

What if I don't want to see Personalized Content (Recommended Photos)?

All 500px Members have the ability to opt-out of Recommended Photos. You can update your Settings if so desired via My Settings > Experience > Homefeed Recommendations. Check or un-check this box and Save Changes.

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