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What are Critiques?

Critiques are a way for you to get feedback on your photos before you publish them. You can share your photo with members of the community to find out what they think and get their recommendations on how you can improve the image—all before publicly publishing the image.

This is the Alpha version of Critiques—stay tuned for updates and improvements! If you encounter any issues, please contact us at  (please check list of known bugs below before doing so).

 How does it work?

1. Click “Upload” to add a new photo. When you’ve selected the image, check the “Critiques” box on the right-hand side of the page.


2. Select a category for the photo and give it a title. Then, indicate what kind of feedback you’re looking for. The more specific, the better! It’ll help the reviewers provide a helpful response. 


3. Click “Submit” and your photo will be sent to photographers to be critiqued. You can go back and see the photo in your Critiques Gallery. Access it through the tab on your home page.


 Who can critique my photo?

Photographers who you have a mutual following with (they are following you AND you are following them). For the Alpha version, only selected photographers who you have a mutual following with have access to Critiques.

 Is the photo public?

No, the photo will only be visible through the link sent to your critiquers. If anyone outside of your critique circle visits your profile, they will not be able to see your Critiques Gallery.

 Can I give critiques as well?

Yes! When one of your mutual followers uploads a photo to their Critiques Gallery, you will get a notification and you can provide your feedback.  

 Where can I find the photos I uploaded to be critiqued?

You can access your Critiques Gallery by clicking the Critiques tab on your home page. 


 Known bugs and issues:

We’re still working on making Critiques run smoothly. Here are a few issues we’re aware of and are working on, but if you encounter anything else, please let us know at!

  • If a user replies to your critique comment, you should receive a notification. However, the link in the notifications and emails you receive may link to a 404. You should be able to find the photo by checking your notifications tab for the original notification.
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