Groups - Moderation and Etiquette

What is a Group?

500px has designed Groups as a feature for our community to create discussions based on photographic topics. Depending on the Group, themes are typically outlined in the descriptions of the Group, so you’ll have an idea what sorts of discussions are welcome there.

What is a Discussion?

Discussions can be created by members of the community in any Group, so long as the topic relates to the overall theme of the Group and is constructive.

*For example, if you have a specific topic you’d like to discuss related to landscape photography, do a quick search for a Group relating to this topic and post your discussion there.

This is an excellent way to discuss photographic topics, be educated by other members, and even be inspired.

What is a Moderator?

Each Group is assigned a moderator (usually members of the community who have created the Group). Moderators are responsible for ensuring the discussions being created are related to the Group and are not in violation of any of our Terms of Service for uploading content.  

What are 500px Official Groups?

500px Official Groups are monitored by 500px team members and are usually centred around topics related to the 500px experience. These 2 Groups are the most popular among our official Groups:

Discussions centred around 500px as a photographic community:

This is the best Group for support related topics:

These Groups are an excellent resource because of the volume of members who visit! Even 500px team members will jump in on discussions to offer information, help with troubleshooting and even gather valuable feedback from members regarding new features and areas for improvement.

Although the moderators of these official Groups are 500px team members, they’re still following the same protocol when it comes to moderation and etiquette in Groups. That means moderators may not necessarily comment on every post in a discussion, but they’ll still keep an eye on them to ensure everyone is sticking to the topics. We’ll always do our best to offer information and clarity to our members in Groups.

Just like all Groups on 500px, we want 500px Official Groups to be a resourceful tool for new and existing members to connect with the rest of the community and in many cases, the 500px team. Suggestions for new features or improvements on existing features will always be noted and considered by our team, but it does not mean we’ll always be at liberty to share details related to upcoming launches and improvements. We’re listening...and your ideas are valuable to us.

What topics are not permitted in Groups?

We typically like to stick the community guidelines related to our Terms of Service, but it really depends on the purpose of the Group in which you would like to participate. It’s safe to assume the following topics are usually not permitted:

  • Self Promotion and/or Spam

Unless otherwise posted in the description of the Group, self-promotion of any kind is usually not permitted. It is not ok to create a discussion just for the purpose of gaining followers, likes, and/or comments on your 500px profile. It’s also not permitted to use Groups as a portal to advertise your business, products or services available – especially if it is unrelated to photography.

  • Copyrighted Material

Uploading content that is not owned by you is definitely frowned upon. Our members work very hard at being masters at their craft, so it’s very important that everyone sticks to uploading their own photos.

  • Abusive, Harassing and Non-constructive Behaviour

Constructive feedback and opinions are most often welcome within our community, but foul language or abusive/harassing behaviour should not be tolerated. It’s important to stick to the topic of the discussion. Comments that are unrelated to the topic may be deleted by your moderator and/or reported to 500px moderators, which could result in a warning or even possibly, suspension of your account. If you have something away from the original topic you’d like to discuss, be sure to create a new discussion of your own instead of taking the focus away from a discussion owned by someone else. This ensures other members visiting groups see your topic for discussion, use your discussion as a resource for themselves and in some cases, it prevents the same topic from being discussed more than once.

Where can I see detail related to the topic of each Group?

The moderator will typically provide detail related to the topic of the Group in the “About” section on the main page of the Group. The screenshot below will give you a better idea where to find this.

How do I report users who are breaking the rules in Group Discussions?

To report a user in a Group Discussion, hover over the ‘...’ next to their username and choose the option “Flag” to send a report to our moderators and they will investigate the report further; taking any action where necessary.

What happens if a member is banned from a Group?

Banning a user from any Group is used only as a last resort after a user has been advised 2-3 times to stop the behavior they have been reported for. If a user is banned, they will not be able to access the Group or any Discussions within it and any existing posts by that user will be automatically deleted. 

For more information on Groups Moderation, visit the following support article:

Have more questions? Ask us!