Classes FAQ

What are Classes?

500px Classes are a way to sharpen your photography skills and try something new. Each class focuses on a specific topic and is led by an influential photographer selected by the 500px team.

How can I join a class?

Classes are available to 500px Awesome, Pro, and Pro+ members. You can check out our membership options or upgrade your membership here.

What does a class include?

Each class includes:

  • A live webinar featuring the class instructor. Webinar content varies from class to class—our instructors share insights about their photography career, demonstrate techniques, or answer members’ questions, depending on the class.
  • Tutorial content. Whether it’s a PDF explaining a step-by-step technique or a how-to video, it’s content you can refer to again and again.
  • A class Quest. Try out the techniques and tips from the class, and share your best results with the instructor and other class members.
  • A group discussion. Ask questions and get insights from photographers all around the world.

The time for the live webinar doesn’t work for me. Can I still join a class?

Yes! The webinars are recorded and uploaded to the class page afterward so you can watch it again if you missed it or just want to refer back to it.

What am I required to do when I join a class?

How much you choose to participate is totally up to you. We think you’ll get the most out of it if you join in discussions and try out the techniques, but this isn’t a university course—there are no exams or assignments!

Where do classes happen?

Our classes are all online, so you can participate no matter where you are.

Who teaches classes?

Our classes are taught by influential photographers who work in all different types of genres. We select our instructors carefully to make sure 500px members have the best learning experience possible.

Where can I see upcoming live webinars?

You can check out all classes here. Classes with “Upcoming Live Webinar” are marked accordingly.

Can I still join a class if the webinar already happened?

Yes! All the content is still available after the live webinar is over. You can check out all classes here.

Where can I see all the classes I’ve joined?

View all your classes here.

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