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I am currently an Awesome member with a 500px Portfolio, what will happen to my Portfolio on April 10? Will I lose my Portfolio?

You will be able to keep your Portfolio for as long as your 500px Awesome membership is active. Please keep in mind we do plan to phase out Portfolios in the future. Our Product team is currently working on the migration plan for members regarding Portfolios. Once this plan has been finalized, we will follow up with you on a specific date that Portfolios will no longer be available.

IMPORTANT: If your 500px membership is set to expire on or before April 10, 2017 you will need to renew your membership before the 10th to keep your current 500px Portfolio active. If you do not renew, you will not be able to access your old 500px Portfolio.

Question: On April 10 I am being upgraded to Pro. Will I need to pay again at the new rate?

No, you will not be charged on April 10 for the Pro membership. All current Awesome members who have an active membership will be upgraded to Pro at no extra cost. You will not lose any features, including Portfolio.

Will I be able to create a new 500px Portfolio after April 10?

No. With our new partnership with the industry leader Format, we have decided to stop offering 500px Portfolios, as we strongly feel that Format photo websites are a much better solution for photographers.

IMPORTANT: Although 500px Portfolios are being phased out, your portfolio will continue to be available until your current membership expires. If your Awesome membership is set to expire soon you do have an opportunity to lock in an additional full year at your existing price for Awesome (if you purchase before April 10).

After April 10, 500px will not be offering new Portfolios. At that time, the new Format photo websites will be the standard, available with a Pro+ plan.

I’m interested in Pro+. Am I able to migrate my 500px Portfolio into Format?

Yes! If you purchase Pro+ on or after April 10th, you can easily migrate your 500px Portfolio to your new Format photo website. You can read more about the migration process here:

Here’s what a few of our beta testers had to say about the product:

The 500px and Format integration is fluid and makes it extremely easy to get your existing portfolio from 500px directly onto your own website. The templates available are clean and allow your work to speak for itself. I really like that they’ve even given options for your own online store as well as a nicely featured blogging system. If you are looking for a new website and are a 500px user I definitely recommend giving this new feature a go!” - Adrian Murray

“The product is nice and can compete against other similar products (tumblr, behance portfolio exc.) because of the proofing and the store front that I couldn’t find on other portfolios web engines.” - Ciro Galluco

“Joining and importing images from 500px went smoothly!” - Maja Topcagic

I’m interested in a Format photo website, but want to try before I buy. Is this possible with 500px?

Yes! All 500px members who have a Portfolio will have the opportunity to try Format for free before your membership expires to make sure that this is the right fit for you. In order to provide a seamless migration experience we will be rolling out this feature in phases. Once this becomes available to you, you will receive an email notification from our Product team.  

If you end up liking the product (which we think you will!) you can easily migrate your 500px Portfolio to Format.

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