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500px is focused on building a community that helps photographers grow their skills, network, and businesses. Over the last year, the team at 500px has worked to improve existing product features and build new ones based on the feedback and ongoing support from its community.

On April 10th, using community feedback and product research, 500px launched the following new features to better align with its community objectives.  


What’s new?

Customizable websites, powered by Format. For photographers looking to showcase their professional body of work, 500px has partnered with industry-leader Format to offer a fully customizable website solution. This feature comes complete with a storefront that hosts up to 10 items, storage for up to 1500 images, customizable themes and templates, and client proofing so photographers can proof, manage, and deliver client work directly from their website.

Advanced Stats. Gain new insights into where your views are coming from, understand where your audience is located, and get tips on which of your images perform best in the community.

Pro Profiles. Increase your exposure within the 500px community by showing your best work with customizable profile tabs. Attract new clients by featuring your photography workshops and services right on your profile.   

500px Classes. 500px Classes are the newest way for photographers to learn and grow their skills. Hosted in private online groups, Classes connect photographers with industry experts and allow photographers to get feedback on their photos in real-time, access live video tutorials with Q&A, and connect with other photographers.

Priority Directory listing. Photographers looking to get more visibility in front of potential buyers are able to get a Priority Directory listing and appear near the top of Directory search results.


Updates to membership plans

With these new features being launched, 500px has also updated the current membership structure to better align with the new value the memberships will be adding to its community of photographers.

If you are a Plus member

You will automatically have been grandfathered into the new Awesome plan and will continue to enjoy your current member benefits at no extra cost. You will also now have access to Classes, which previously were only available in the older Awesome membership plan.

If you are an Awesome member

You will automatically have been grandfathered into the new Pro plan and will continue to enjoy your current member benefits. You will also gain access to new Pro Profiles and get a priority listing in Directory, which was previously unavailable. If you have a 500px Portfolio - you will continue to have access to your Portfolio for as long as your membership is active with 500px.

If you have a 500px Portfolio

Once you are grandfathered into the Pro plan, you will continue to have access to your Portfolio, and you will not lose access to any features. Please keep in mind we do plan to phase out Portfolios in the future. Our Product team is currently working on the migration plan for members regarding Portfolios. Once this plan has been finalized, we will follow up with you on a specific date that Portfolios will no longer be available.


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