The 7 Day Challenge FAQ

Haven't had a chance to try our new Advanced Stats feature? This is your chance! With the launch of our 7 Day Challenge, users are encouraged to upload an image on 5 out of 7 days. If you complete the challenge, you will get a free 7 day trial with our new Advanced Stats feature!

*Please note that this challenge is only available to free users who are not on a trial. 


How to Participate:

1. When you visit your home feed, you will see the “Join the 7 day challenge” widget on right hand side.


2. Click on “Join the challenge”.

3. Upload your first image! You can check back to this widget over the next 7 days for how many uploads you have remaining in order to complete the challenge.


4. Once you have uploaded one image a day for 5 days out of 7 days, you will have successfully completed the challenge! You will now have access to Stats for 7 days. 



5. Click “View your Stats” on the completion widget to enjoy your free week of Stats!


What is considered a “week”?

As soon as you click “Join the challenge”, the counter will start! You will have 7 days from this date to complete the challenge.

What is considered a “day”?

One day is considered 24 hours from your time zone. If you joined the challenge at 6 pm one day, you will not have to wait until 6 pm the next day for your upload to count! A new day will begin at 12:00 am.

Who can participate in the challenge?

Only free users who are not on a trial can participate in this challenge.

What if I don’t complete the challenge?

This is a one time challenge, so make it count! You won’t have the chance to try again if you do not complete the challenge.

Can I upload 5 images in one day to complete the challenge?

No, only one upload will count towards the challenge each day. To complete the challenge, one photo must be uploaded on 5 out of 7 days. 



Can I participate more than once?

No, this is a one time challenge only. Sorry!

Where can I view how many photos I have left to upload?
You can view this information on the widget on the right hand side of your home feed, on your home feed under the Stats tab, or directly on your Stats page



Why can’t I view the challenge on my mobile app?

To see the countdown, you will have to join and view via the web version on 500px. However, an upload from the 500px app still counts towards an upload for the challenge!

What if I already uploaded today but joined the challenge directly afterwards?

This upload will not count towards the challenge. Only images uploaded after you have clicked “Join the challenge” will count.  

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