How do I change my username?

1. Log in to and go to your account settings page.
2. Under the Profile tab, you'll see the box titled Information. Here you can change your username.
3. Type in your desired username; then click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Please note that your Username is what is displayed in your Profile's URL (ie. For that reason, Usernames must have no spaces, and include only letters, numbers or underscores (ie. _). You can use your First Name and Last Name section to enter a full name, including spaces instead, which will be displayed on your Profile.

Having trouble changing your username?

Some usernames may be unavailable for use because a) this username is in use by another user or b) this username is reserved by a deactivated account. If you have a registered trademark that is in use by an account that is potentially inactive or in violation of your trademark, please contact us by email .

Desired username is used by your other 500px account?

If you're trying to move a username from one account to another, you can do this yourself.

1. First, log in to the account that currently has the desired username.
2. Then, change the username to something else (any other available username will work or simply “_old” to the end). Click Save. This will immediately free up the username for use by other accounts.
3. Log in to your primary account and change your username to the desired username.

Please note: Once you’ve changed your username, it returns to general circulation and may be selected by another account. Also, please note that deactivating an account will not free up the username.

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