Who can see my photos?

Once your photo is uploaded to 500px and shared on your Profile, it is open to be viewed by the public by default. You can add photos to Galleries, which are also publicly visible by default, however they have the option to be made Private and only make visible to anyone using the shareable URL. Portfolios are also public, by default, but have the option to be made Private.

Publicly visible photos will appear on the Fresh page upon upload. Only the first 3 photos per batch will go into Fresh. They may also appear on Upcoming, Popular or Editors Choice, based on several variables, such as the Pulse and age of the photos.


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    Superb capture!

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    Laura Nazar

    I uploaded 20 fotos to a gallery, but there are 15 of them that are not public. how can I do to make them public?

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    A C

    i have noticed something very strange today. some top users with a lot more then 100.000 followers are follow from people that have no photo submissons and that are most likely spams. that is why i have take out all my photos from your marketplace. i am not sure if i can really trust your site. the time will tell. sad, because i have thought you are really a good platform.  

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    Signe Meyer

    I still have 12 photos that are not public and I cannot make them become public, how can I fix this in particular?

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    Guru Kast

    @signe Meyuer and @laura Nazar

    When i Go into Manage Photos,

    you can select them and "drag" them into the "public" subfolder on the right

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