How do I use a custom domain for my 500px Portfolio?

For existing Pro members already using our Portfolio feature, you have the option of using a custom domain name for your Portfolio. This means you'll be able to purchase a website address, or host your own existing custom domain. This gives your Portfolio a very professional appeal.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're using a Format Portfolio, the following instructions will not apply. For assistance, please reach out to our friends at Format Support -

1. You must first purchase a domain from a provider. We recommend DomainSmart or United Domains for ease of use and quality customer support. This usually costs $10 - $50 per year.

2. Once you've purchased your domain, you need to enter it into your Portfolio settings in the Domain field.

Please note: Do not add "www." before your website URL. 

3. In your domain provider's DNS manager, create two A entries for One for @ and one for www. See below for a visual guide.

For specific direction on how to enter this in your domain provider’s settings, please contact their help desk.
You also have the option of using a CNAME entry for if you'd like, but that is optional.

Here are guides for specific domain providers:

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