How do I upload a Profile picture?

1. Log in to
2. Go to Accounts Settings.
3. In the box titled About You click Choose File button.
4. Select a file to upload.
5. After selecting the file, click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Note: If changes don’t apply, clear your cache and cookies in browser settings. File uploaded has to be JPG/JPEG, to avoid automatic resizing upload a custom photo at 500px x 500px resolution.

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    لماذا ﻻتضاف اللغه العربيه الى اﻻعدادات
    وﻻ اله اﻻ الله

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    15 Designs

    What should we do if I am using the 500px android app!Can't see any profile picture change option!

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    SL Franklin

    To change youe prifile pic with sn android devise. Open app up in your browser, log in and then you'll get the option under settings to change your profile pic.

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