I'm having Lightroom plugin problems!

Disclaimer: The 500px Lightroom plugin is now unsupported, meaning our CX Team (support) is no longer available for assistance or troubleshooting with old or existing versions. 500px cautions the usage of the 500px Lightroom Plugin as this product is deprecated and will eventually be removed.


To have best plugin experience please make sure that you have the latest plugin version. You can update your plugin here: Always ensure you have a current backup of all your photos! We are not responsible for any photo loss during troubleshooting, syncing, etc.

Most of the common issues can be solved with a few simple steps. First, right-click on the plugin and click "Delete Publish Service..."

Now, setup the plugin again by clicking on the plugin and logging in to the service. Once logged in, click Sync Now, then click Save.

This will resync all of your Galleries, Profile, Library etc. If your Lightroom collection has lost it's link with your 500px photo, it will download thumbnails of your photos, which can be used to organize and manage your 500px Library.

Please note that the current version of the plugin supports Lightroom 4 & 5. Lightroom 2 & 3 are no longer supported.

The plugin is missing

If you are getting this message it means that you have relocated the plugin file to another spot on your computer and Lightroom can no longer find it. Download the plugin from and place it in your Applications or Programs folder. Using the Lightroom plugin manager, install the plugin again.

Can I replace or update an existing photo?

No, 500px does not allow photos to be updated with new versions, or replaced. Votes and comments on a photo are cast for that specific photo as it is, so replacing a photo after it has received votes or comments is not possible. You'll have to delete the current copy and upload a new one. The votes, comments, views, etc. on the current copy will be lost.

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    Tim Evans

    Two problems: 

    1) I've downloaded and installed version 1.11 of the plugin. However, LR says the version is 1.10 (this is the only time I have installed the plugin).

    2) Nothing will upload; I get the following error: "The value is not one of the specified values for this field."

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    Phillip van der Merwe

    Tried this, but when logging in to get a verification token, i get "{"error":"Internal Server Error","status":500}" from 500px  


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    JC Buck

    I am SO frustrated. I've paid for a Pro account for a long time. My account is listed as Pro, for six more months, but I continue to get errors in trying to upload form Lightroom. I receive the error "I've reached my maximum 20 uploads?" I then get that "I need a title, tree tags, and a category." Someone from 500px, please reach out. I need help. Also, when I downloaded the new Lightroom plugin it populated my 500px folders with thumbnails, does not a link to the original file in their respective file. All my drives are currently connected as well. 


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    Björn-Olof Dusseljee

    New problem started for me today. No error , no indication anything went wrong , but the photo i was trying to publish does not show up on my 500px account eventhough Lightroom has is stated as published. Marking for republishing just results in the exact same situation that there isnt any error thrown at all but it just wont upload / show up on site.


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    Jeff Few

    I’m having the same exact issue as Bjorn-Olof. It’s a bit frustrating that 500px has no response months after releasing this version of the plugin. 

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