What are Infringement Services?

At 500px we strive to protect the interests, intellectual property, and the livelihoods of the photographers we work with. For this purpose, we mandated an Infringement Services network to manage copyright compliance on our behalf. 

How will Infringement Services help me?

Infringement Services are experienced copyright compliance officers, administrators, and companies who work on our behalf (and yours!) to find cases of commercial copyright infringement. Using sophisticated image recognition technology, they will search the internet for your Exclusive 500px Marketplace photos. Once found, they strive to collect license fees for the infringement.

How does it work?

It’s easy! When you submit your photo exclusively to 500px Marketplace, simply mark it as Exclusive upon upload and you will now be protected by our Infringement Services Partners.

Please make sure your photograph is actually Exclusive – this means that it has never been commercially licensable or licensed on other websites and is only available for commercial licensing via 500px Marketplace. For more information on Marketplace Exclusive status click here.

Our Infringement Services team will crawl the internet for commercial usage of these photos. If a case of infringement is found, the team will reach out to the company using it and try to negotiate a fee for the unauthorized usage. 

To avoid the embarrassing situation of falsely identifying an infringer, please be very careful when choosing the “Exclusive” option for your submitted photos on 500px Marketplace. It is only appropriate to choose this option if the image is not commercially licensable anywhere else, and has never been licensed before!

If we collect a fee for the infringement, 500px will share the settlement fee with you. You will see the settlement earnings deposited into your 500px sales account.

What can I do to protect my images?

All you have to do is select the Exclusive option when you submit your photos to 500px Marketplace. Please note, you can only take advantage of this service if your photos have never been licensed commercially in the past, and are available for commercial licensing exclusively through 500px.

If you are a photographer and have concerns about your Exclusive 500px Marketplace photos being used without licenses, please send a report here.


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