How do I remove a photo from Licensing?

In the Contributor Agreement, image removal is addressed in two separate places:

  • Section 2.3: Essentially, we'll comply with your photo removal request within 180 days of receiving such request
  • Section 7.3: If you terminate your account with 500px, we'll expedite the removal request and comply with removal within 180 days of receiving such a request

In addition to sending us an electronic list with 500px photo IDs or image codes, you can also remove a photo from 500px Licensing in your Photo Manager. Go to and inside your "Licensing" folder (found on the left hand panel) select the photo you'd like to remove, then uncheck the Licensing option (found on the right hand panel). Now click Save.


**Be sure to click the "SAVE" button on the bottom right hand panel to lock in your settings**


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