Is there EXIF data in the new iOS app?

The community has contacted us about our newly updated iOS app. We want to let you know that we’ve heard your ideas and concerns. We are committed to delivering a first class mobile photo experience to our community, and will continue to make changes to the app to ensure this.

Here are the updates we’ve included in 500px for iOS 4.0.1:

- Bug fixes
- Improved localization
- Even higher resolution file upload capability
- EXIF data added in the photo details

Simply update your 500px app to take advantage of these features.


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    Luciano Gonçalves

    Meu iOS é 7.1 porque vocês nao fizeram o aplicativo para esse sistema ??

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    Can no longer upload my photo to the plate form using the iOS app. Any clue ? How do we disable exif data from being uploaded ?

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    Todd No Photoshop

    Initial home screen does not allow zoom or support rotating to match the photo direction on an iPhone

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