Pulse - A Message From Our Founder, Evgeny

Pulse and the community

Our Pulse is a great way to discover new amazing photos on 500px. It is a proprietary algorithm that our team initially created in 2009 when we launched the site, and which has since seen hundreds of adjustments, that are made to ensure that 1) it remains fair to the broader community and 2) helps our community discover a diverse set of photos.

A few years back we introduced a new change, that allowed us to start tracking reputation of each of our 6 million members. This means that no single like or action is same for any of our members.

Now, the Pulse tracks hundreds of different actions, and is calculated differently for each of over 6 million members.

We introduced the change to help ensure that the algorithm is fair to the broader community. The Pulse recognizes and promotes members who are beneficial to the community. This means that they vote for great works, helping members discover new works, and don’t engage in “voting rings”.

Therefore, there are thousands of examples where 60 votes on a particular photo might produce higher pulse than 200 votes in the same time frame.

An average member with common usage patterns is algorithm-neutral, so if you fall with the majority of our members, you won’t be promoted or penalized for your regular activity.

The algorithm is adjusted often to ensure that the goals of the Pulse are still met. As a member, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure you can benefit from the Pulse: 1) visit Debuts and Fresh (on iOS or Android apps) and vote on great works, leaving meaningful, unique comments 2) engage with your audience — reply to their comments, follow people whose portfolios inspire you, and like the works that you think deserve to be seen.

Being a great member of 500px community is easy, all you have to do is to be honest with yourself and your fellow members. We are open to all, and we welcome you here.


Evgeny Tchebotarev

CPO, Co-Founder



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