Add Metadata in Lightroom (Title, Description, Keywords)

In order for your photos to appear in Fresh ( upon upload via Lightroom minimum requirements of Title, Description and at least 3 Keywords should be added. Here is a step by step guide to add the necessary metadata to your photos:

Step 1
Locate Metadata tab in the right-hand panel

Step 2
Select 500px preset from the drop down list 

Step 3
Add Title, Description and Category to your photos 

Step 4
In the Keywording tab add at least 3 relevant tags to describe each photo
(Marketplace submissions require a minimum of 5 keywords!)

You are ready to Publish your Photo!!! 


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    Leon Jasper

    I keep getting the error "1 photo was skipped because it doesn't have a title, category or three keywords." I'm just trying to upload one photo, and it has all of these things, plus a description, license type, and mature content = no.


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    Leon Jasper

    It seems to be requiring four keywords. 

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    Maciej Palczak

    Leon, I simply can not believe that this was my problem too. Their error message about 3 keywords is wrong, and I went through hell trying to figure out what was wrong. I tried to send ticket to their support. I got no answer even though I have paid subscription from them, so not only I pay for their existence, but the support is NONE. Beside their automatic reply that is... 

    Unreal.... As soon as I added 4 keywords, the picture was accepted...


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    Dan Hartford

    What is optimum size for the images to set in the plugin?  I had a pano that is 63,343 x 4,523 pixels and (at least when using the plugin) it choked on it. I then set the plug in for 5000 pxl on the long edge (with "Don't Enlarge") set and it uploaded OK. \

    But, my question is what are good values to leave the plug in set for?

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    Martino Papesso

    Please, for to put GPS data with lightroom plug in?

    For example : latitude 45° 38' 08.820'' N

    longitude 8° 01' 45.984'' E

    Many thanks.

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    Chris Page

    Have been fighting with this for a while now and just found that there is a 500px section added to my photos (so in Library mode, scroll right down to the bottom of all the boxes on the right hand side) and that has a Category field - over and above the Lightroom category field - filling that in did the trick for me.

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