How to submit photos to Quests on Web

Let’s get started!

  • Click the Learn tab located to the left of Discover on your homepage screen. In the drop-down that appears, select Quests in order to get started. 


  • You will then be redirected to the Quests landing page where you can select the active Quest that you wish to participate in.


  • If you’re in need of inspiration, simply scroll to the bottom of the specific Quest’s screen and browse through the “Inspiration” tab to view images that will motivate you to get shooting!

  • The next step is to submit your images to the Quest. Make sure that you have read the Brief, Timing, About the Prize and Rules to make sure that your image(s) fit the brief for this particular Quest! Select “Submit Your Photos” to start the submission process.

  • You can either upload a new image or choose one from your existing 500px LibraryNOTE: The number of images you can submit varies from Quest to Quest. The max number of image submissions will be listed under Rules.
  • Upload a new photo” option:

  • Choose from Library” option:

  • When using the “Choose from Library” uploading option, you can also search for specific images by keyword in the Search bar (this is great if you have made a habit of key-wording your photos on 500px). If you have a large image Library, this will allow you to find images quickly! For more information on the importance of keywords, check out this helpful ISO post: 
  • Most Quests require images to be submitted to Marketplace ( Make sure to check the Rules to be sure! To do this, go to your Photo Manager ( and enable the Marketplace option on the right hand side (don’t forget to Save!).

  • For images that require Model/Property releases, you can also do this through your Photo Manager ( Simply select either “+ Property Release” or “+ Model Release” on the right hand side of your browser. For tips on releases, check out this great ISO post:
  • Recently submitted images to the Quest can also be viewed in the “Submissions” tab at the bottom of the browser, located to the right of “Inspiration”.

  • You’ll notice that as you scroll, the “Submit Your Photos” button will remain within reach in case inspiration strikes!


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