Your 500px Home Feed Experience

What is the Home feed?

The Home feed is a central part of the 500px experience. The Home feed is the first page you land on when visiting 500px. The Home Feed will deliver a personal experience by allowing you to pay closer attention to the photographers you follow, and photographers we think you'll enjoy. 

We put a huge focus on gathering feedback from the community while creating the latest version of the Home Feed. The goal of the Home Feed is to show you the photography that will interest and inspire you via an excellent experience that showcases photography in the best light.

 A few tips!

  • By following someone you are inherently saying that you are interested in this photographer’s work, and want to see more of their work. We are putting this work front and center for you.
  • The Home feed layout features big, full aspect ratio photos for the best possible viewing experience.
  • Galleries can be accessed by clicking through to your 500px Profile (under the Profile avatar).
  • Your Stats can be found from the Profile avatar drop down menu.
  • Your Notifications will populate in the drop down menu of the bell icon (to the left of Upload).
  • You can also "Like" photos from the Home feed by clicking the bright red heart. This button will turn grey to show you a photo has already been liked by you

Where can I see uploads from the photographers I follow?

These uploads will populate in your Home feed. 

Seeing unwanted Recommended Photos?

All 500px Members have the ability to opt-out of Recommended Photos. You can update your Settings if so desired via My Settings > Experience > Homefeed Recommendations. Check or un-check this box and Save Changes.


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