500px.me Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE: We've recently communicated changes to Marketplace that go into effect June 30th, 2018. For more details regarding these changes and how they may affect you, please visit our Marketplace Transition FAQ.

What is 500px.me and why is it different from 500px.com?

500px.me is a localized version of 500px.com for Chinese users. By localized, we mean that anyone who wants to use 500px.com in China will have access to the same experience as our other international users.

Why is the site called 500px.me?

In order to operate 500px in China, 500px needs to live on a localized Chinese Web site. Typically, we roll out our product in new countries using the same 500px URL but we are not able to launch this way in China. This is why we’ve used the .me extension.

Who is VCG?

Visual China Group, our partner in 500px.me, is a listed company in the Chinese stock market. As the leading investor of 500px’s Series B financing, VCG’s interests are totally aligned with 500px’s across the board, and they are committed to investing in the 500px.me user base to make it a world-class community for local users. VCG also has over 15 years of copyright protection and enforcement experience in the photography market; while we are their first photo community partner, they work with over 240 reputable image and content partners globally. You can rest assured they are dedicated to protecting your photos. Users can also learn more about our global distribution network by visiting this page - https://licensing.500px.com/distribution

Why is 500px doing this?

The benefit to working with these trusted, strategic partners is that they will help to increase the global exposure of the photography within our community.

What changes can I expect with the launch of 500px.me?

You will enjoy the same 500px experience, but with better exposure of your content. Also, this will be an exciting avenue for inspiration from Chinese photographers. You will be able to explore a different type of photographer that is rooted in the Orient.

How is 500px ensuring my photo’s security?

Photos will be stored safely with enterprise-level security, and the same measures of protection are enforced on 500px.me as on 500px.com to avoid direct image downloading. A Copyright Compliance team dedicated to tracking potential misuses of Marketplace imagery to combat any copyright infringement will also be put in place.

Why are Likes, Comments, etc., different on 500px.me/500px.com?

Not all 500px members will remain opted-in to the 500px.me experience, so the Like count will appear different on both sites. Because 500px.me uses a different commenting system, the comments on 500px.com will not be reflected on 500px.me. None of these differences will affect your photo’s Pulse.

Will I be able to log into 500px.me with my 500px.com credentials?

Logging in to 500px.me will not be possible for 500px.com users. This way, your private credentials will remain isolated to 500px.com servers. Also, this will avoid any confusion related to the localized experience in 500px.me. You will still have full control of your synced profiles in 500px.me. All changes made in 500px.com will be automatically synced to 500px.me behind the scenes.

Does the Marketplace exist on 500px.me?

Our relationship with Visual China Group (VCG) is truly a partnership. They are the premier licensing agency in China, and will be representing our marketplace in this key buyer region. This is very exciting as we are now opening more doors for our contributors to sell their work to a huge, growing market that has traditionally been difficult for artists to tap into. The team at 500px.me will also protect our user’s copyright. They’ll seek out potential misuses on the user’s behalf and issue takedown notices and infringement notices if it appears an image has not been licensed properly.

Do I have to participate in 500px.me?

No, but we encourage you to carefully read our public statement (https://iso.500px.com/relaunching-the-500px-me-beta/) and this entire FAQ before making your final decision. This is an amazing opportunity for our community of photographers to gain exposure to a massive and exciting new audience. If you still choose not to participate, you may choose to opt-out.

How can I Opt-Out?

If you are not interested in our global distribution network, you can opt-out in your ‘Settings’ under ‘Distribution’ where you will be able to check the box next to ‘I opt-out of the global distribution network’ and press ‘Save Changes’.

How can I Opt-In if I have changed my mind?

If you decide to participate in our global distribution network, you can opt-in in your ‘Settings’ under ‘Distribution’ where you will be able to un-check the box next to ‘I opt-out of the global distribution network’ and press ‘Save Changes’.

I’ve opted-out, but can I still see 500px.me? Do I need to login to view this? Can I even login?

Yes, anyone can go to the 500px.me site and browse around. To do certain actions, such as uploading or liking a photo, will require an account.

Will 500px.com users be able to recognize who is a 500px.me user?

500px is already a global community, so users on 500px.com and 500px.me will not be distinguished differently in any way.

What happens if I opt-out after my content has been distributed to VCG?

Once you choose to opt-out, all visible content related to your profile will be deleted. Please keep in mind, it can take up to 24 hours for this to be completed.

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