Content Filter FAQ

With the content filter, you can decide what photos you would like to see as you browse 500px. The content filter you select determines what images will appear in your search results as well as what photos you will see when you visit Galleries and photographer profiles. Please note that the content filter does not affect the images you see in the Discover section.

Photos on 500px do not all have the same availability for licensing. Some images are immediately available for licensing, some are in the Marketplace submission process, and some are not available for licensing at all. You can use the content filters to restrict the images you see to the availability that you prefer.

The default content filter is “Only photos immediately available for licensing.”


What photos will I see for each filter?


Only photos immediately available for licensing: When you select this filter, you will only see images that are immediately available for licensing. You will see both images available for Commercial Use and images available for Editorial Use Only.

Use this filter if you would like to see only photos that are definitely available for licensing.

Only photos in the Marketplace: When you select this filter, you will see immediately available images as well as some unavailable images that are still in the licensing submission process.

Images may be unavailable for licensing if either 500px has not yet reviewed the photo for licensability and quality or if the photographer has not yet completed the Marketplace licensing submission process. 

All photos: When you select this filter, you will be able to see all images on 500px. This includes immediately available images, Marketplace images, and also images that are not available for licensing or have not been submitted to the Marketplace.

Use this filter if you would like to see as many images as possible, but keep in mind that some images may not be available for licensing at all.


How can I tell if an image is not yet available? What happens if I purchase a license for such an image?

Unavailable images are marked with an orange banner that reads, “This photo is not yet available for licensing. Give us five days and we’ll attempt to secure it!” 

If you purchase a license for an unavailable photo, the transaction will be put on hold while our 500px Marketplace research team attempts to secure the photo for your use. Usually we can secure it within a few days, but if we’re not successful, we’ll refund your deposit after five days.

Because we have not validated the photo’s licensability, we cannot ensure that it will be available or appropriate for commercial use. If a photo is not available for commercial use, it can sometimes still be used for editorial purposes.


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