Buyer and Photographer Mode

UPDATE: We've recently communicated changes to Marketplace that go into effect June 30th, 2018. For more details regarding these changes and how they may affect you, please visit our Marketplace Transition FAQ.

While both photographers and buyers have access to most of the same features on 500px, there are a few aspects that are optimized for each experience.

Selecting the correct mode ensures that you get the 500px experience best suited to your needs. You can change your mode by going to your Settings. Here, you can either enable or disable Buyer Mode. 


Read more about each mode:

Buyer mode:

Use the buyer mode if you are primarily using 500px to purchase licenses for photos. In the buyer mode, you can see images that are readily available for licensing, get inspired through the Discover section, and easily check out with your chosen purchases. Here are some features of buyer mode:

  • On the photo page for each image, licensing and pricing information is highlighted and easy to locate.
  • You have the option of downloading comps for images you are interested in purchasing.
  • By default, you will only see images immediately available for licensing (please note, this does not apply to the Discover section).

As a buyer, please note:

  • Your actions are public, just as they would be for a photographer. Feel free to engage with photos by liking them, commenting on them, etc. but keep in mind that these actions can be seen by other users.

Photographer mode:

Use the photographer mode if you are primarily using 500px to upload photos, browse other photographers’ images, and interact with the 500px community. Here are some features of photographer mode:

  • On the photo page for each image, photo details (pulse, views, etc.) will be highlighted instead of licensing and pricing information.
  • You will receive notifications (for example, when someone likes or comments on your photo).
  • An upload button at the top of the page makes it easy for you to add new content.


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