Changes to 500px Marketplace FAQ

What is changing?

We are unifying and into one single website. will be the sole new site.

Why are we doing this?

Marketplace and 500px are currently hosted on two different websites, and we wanted to make it easier for you to be able to find photos and purchase licenses for images.

How is the sign-up process changing?
When signing up for 500px for the first time, you will select whether you are predominantly a photographer or a buyer. Depending which option you choose, you will be directed to a customized experience of If you sign up with the incorrect mode, please reach out to for assistance.

What does this change mean for me as a buyer?

You will now purchase licenses for images on Instead of viewing an image on two different pages (both on the Community side and the Marketplace side), you will see just one page for each photo.

What is happening to Lightboxes?

Lightboxes will now be available as Galleries. The functionality will be the same. Your existing lightboxes will be converted into Galleries, so none of your work will be lost. By default, if you are in the buyer mode, your Galleries will be private.

What is the Discover section?

The Discover section functions as a source of inspiration and a way for you to explore photos on 500px. This section contains five different categories: Popular, Editor’s Choice, Upcoming, Fresh, and Galleries. Popular, Upcoming, and Fresh are dictated by Pulse. Because the community is always uploading new images, the content in these sections changes all the time. It’s a great way to find new content and get inspired by our community of photographers.

How can I filter images by availability?

There will now be a drop-down menu under your profile name. You will be able to select between three options to control what photos you see as you browse 500px: (1) all photos, (2) only photos in the Marketplace, and (3) only photos immediately available for licensing. By default, without making any changes, you will only see images that are immediately available for licensing. This filter affects all your searches, as well as the content you will see when going to a photographer’s profile or any public Galleries.  Please note: this filter does not affect the images you see in the Discover section.

Read more about these options here.

What are social signals and how can I use them?

You will now be able to view social signals, such as views, pulse, and likes. These signals show how our community has interacted with a photo (for example, how popular a photo is). You can also interact with an image, for example, by liking it or commenting on it, but please keep in mind these are public actions. You will not be anonymous if you choose to take any of the following actions: “liking” something, commenting on a photo, commenting in a group, creating a group, following someone, sharing a photo or gallery, or switching a gallery from private to public.

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