Tips for increasing your Discoverability


The best way to achieve success on 500px is to post your best work and to make sure that your Discoverability is high. Make sure to include a title, description, keywords, location, category and various other details in your Photo Manager for each photo until your Discoverability meter is green. 



We can't stress the importance of keywords enough! This ISO post might help get you started:

Simply Sellable

Another great resource is our "Simply Sellable" ISO series that is written by some of our Content Editors. These articles give users an inside look at photography trends that are currently popular with Buyers, tips on how to improve your photography and more!  

Social Networking

Utilizing the vast world of social sharing is also a great way to draw traffic to your 500px account. By sharing your images to various platforms that you engage with, you may encourage your followers on other platforms to view your images on 500px!


Finally, follow some great photographers that you admire, create Galleries with images that inspire you, Like images that wow you and upload images (one, MAYBE two a day!) on a consistent basis to ensure that your images get the praise they deserve! 

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