Introducing 500px Assignments!

We’re very exciting for the launch of our newest feature called Assignments!

500px Assignments enable our community members to earn money from photography, work with global brands and further develop skills by shooting for custom photography projects.

What is Assignments?

Assignments are location-based jobs available exclusively to 500px community members to fulfill the photography needs of diverse clients, varying across photography styles and levels of expertise.

How does this work?

Approved photographers will have the ability to select from available Assignments and time slots online via 500px, allowing for control over location and number of Assignments to fulfill. Once approved for a project, we will provide photographers with a specific style guide for each project, as well as full details on the requirements for submission of work. Photographer eligibility is reviewed on a per project basis and new projects are added regularly with locations globally.

How do I sign up to participate in Assignments?

All you’ll need to do is complete the Assignment sign-up form, which you can find here:

It is important to correctly fill in each field where information is required by you. Once you have completed the first page of the form, it is not possible to return to that page to make any corrections. Any error messages will require you to begin the form again from the beginning. 

I’ve completed the form - what’s next?

Once you have successfully completed the Assignments form, no further action will be required by you. Your form will be submitted to our Assignments team for review and we’ll be in touch with you the moment we have assignments matching your style!

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