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We are very excited to be offering Directory as a free trial service to our entire community. This will allow our members to become familiar with the benefits of Directory and how it can help you boost your photography career! By joining the Directory, you’ll be able to showcase your skills and specialties on your Services profile—helping you get discovered by clients looking to hire for their next photography project.

During this trial period, you’ll have the opportunity to create your Services Profile by completing the sign-up form from your 500px account (or by visiting Once you’ve completed the form, your skills and specialties will be visible on your profile under the “Services” tab. Public information will be customizable, so you will have full control over the information displayed for potential clients. For more information on the sign-up form, please review our support article (

Why is 500px offering a free trial of Directory to all members?

We’re very excited to introduce Directory here at 500px and we want our members to get excited about it, too! During the Beta period, our team will work toward a seamless Directory experience for both our photographers and clients. We’ll also use this period as an opportunity to gather constructive feedback from those who matter most—our community.

How long will Directory be a free service?

As of March 1st, 2017, Directory will be available as a value-added service with the purchase of our Plus or Awesome memberships. Pricing structure and promotional offers will be announced upon the end of the beta period.

What if I decide not to continue to be part of the Directory after the free trial period ends?

We encourage all of our members to try Directory to learn about all the ways it can benefit you, but there will be no obligation to pay for a premium membership once the trial period ends. If you decide not to upgrade, the Services Tab will disappear from your profile and you will not be available for hire on the Directory.

The good news is that we’ll retain any data you’ve entered for Directory, just in case you decide not to upgrade to our premium memberships right away. If you decide to subscribe later, all the information you’ve taken the time to include will be waiting for you when you’re ready to upgrade.

If you have any questions or constructive feedback for us, please feel free to be in touch at

Now all you have to do is get started! You can start by filling out the form -

Boost your photography career by joining the Directory. Showcase your skills, get discovered, and get hired.

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