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If you have completed the sign-up form and have Services enabled on your profile, you will be searchable within Directory, and buyers and potential clients will be able to contact you.

You will only be contactable and searchable if:

1. You have your Services profile completed and activated in your Settings (“Display my customized Services tab on my profile”).

2. You have Contact selected in Settings (“Allow potential clients to contact me through my Services profile”).

By default, “Display my customized Services tab on my profile” and Allow potential clients to contact me through my Services profile” will be enabled in your Settings. If you do not wish to be  contactable or searchable within Directory, but still wish to have your Services tab viewable to the community, simply deselect Allow potential clients to contact me through my Services profile”. If you wish to contact a photographer for a job, simply select the “Hire” button on their public profile.

Once the “Hire” button is selected, you will then be prompted to complete a form that includes a subject and a text body with a 2000 character limit. This button is for serious inquires only and is not a method for direct messaging between photographers.

To eliminate spam and unwanted contact, users must have both their e-mail and phone number confirmed in order to be able to contact photographers for hire.

If you are receiving unwanted/unrelated/spam messages via the Hire button, please forward the exact e-mail, along with your account username/e-mail, to so that our CX team can view the user and the message they have sent. At this point, our Moderators will investigate the reported account accordingly.

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