500px Directory - Services Profile

With the launch of Directory, users will have access to a new public profile tab called “Services” that will replace the “About” tab.

If the sign-up form is incomplete, the “Services” tab will display an “Enable Services” button, which will allow you to complete the form. Once the form is completed, the “Services” tab will be fully activated and will replace your existing “About” tab.

When the form is completed, the Services tab will be active and viewable to the community. It will then also be possible to edit your Services information by clicking on the overflow “...” on your profile, and visiting the “Manage Services” option.

The only part that cannot be edited here quite yet is the Lenses category. In order to add or remove a Lens, please visit your Settings. Don’t forget to save when you’re done!

Important: When completing the form, it is necessary to add images for each speciality in order for the Services tab to appear. If a specialty is selected, but no images have been provided for that speciality in Step 3, the Services tab will be hidden from your public profile until you’ve uploaded 4-8 photos per specialty.

If you wish to disable the Services tab from displaying on your public profile, simply deselect Display my customized Services tab on my profile” in your Settings. By default, “Display my customized Services tab on my profile” and Allow potential clients to contact me through my Services profile” will be enabled in your Settings. With Services disabled, the “About” tab will show in its place on your public profile. Please note that if the Services tab is disabled, your profile will not be searchable to buyers and potential clients within Directory.


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