Your photo has been declined for licensing

The following outlines the most common reasons photos are declined:

 Content / subject is not commercially or editorially viable

  • Image has poor composition/lacks visual impact
  • Subject matter would not appeal to buyers
  • Subject matter does not convey enough editorial or newsworthy context
  • We already have too many similars in our collection

Technical quality or production value is below our minimum standards when viewed at 100%

  • Main subject is blurry and out of focus
  • Image does not have a clear focal point
  • Excessive noise that cannot be fixed
  • Banding or digital compression

Includes intellectual property that is ineligible for Royalty-Free licensing

If you’re unsure, check the official website of the building or location for any photography restrictions they may have in place.

Submission is a duplicate or too similar to a photo you have already submitted

  • While we encourage variations or series of photos each individual image must offer a significant difference in lighting, composition, pose, facial expression, models or props, etc. Images that are nearly identical apart from a very slight difference may be considered too similar.

Subject matter may be considered unsuitable or offensive

  • Graphic nudity
  • Children without model releases - editorial content must have context to be considered for licensing
  • Depictions of violence or cruelty

Declined photos are not intended for resubmission due to factors that cannot be altered.




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