What is the status of my Licensing image(s)?

You can easily check the current status of an image you have submitted to 500px Licensing in your Photo Manager.

Click on the Licensing section within the Photo Manager to check which category your image currently falls under. Here is what each category means for the status of your image(s):

Changes Required: Your images have been reviewed and you will need to make changes to the photo for it to be reconsidered for Licensing. You will receive a notification in your Photo Manager and an email that outlines the necessary changes in order to ensure your images are approved for Licensing. For more details, visit this article.

Under Review: Images have been successfully submitted for review but have not yet been inspected. Please note, priority is given to Commercial submissions that are exclusively submitted to 500px.

Prime or Core Collection: Images have been reviewed and are now approved for Licensing. Details about where your image is being distributed can be found on the right-hand side of your Photo Manager, under the Distributed By section. Read more about our exclusive distribution partners here. 

Declined: Images have been deemed not suitable for Licensing based on one or more criteria. You can see the reasons for decline in the Photo Manager. Please note this is only applicable to photos that have been submitted after October 1, 2018. Learn more about why images are declined for Licensing.

The Licensing tab on your 500px profile will only display images that have been approved for Licensing and are available for purchase through one or both of our exclusive distribution partners.

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