What is Opt-in to Auto Licensing?

Opting into Auto Licensing is a new feature which allows you to opt-in once and never have to manually submit a photo for Licensing again. 

Our AI algorithm will determine if the photos you upload to 500px are suitable for Licensing and if their probability for a sale is good, your photos will be submitted automatically to our team of inspectors for review. 

How do I enable the opt-in feature?

This can be turned on when you upload new photos to your profile. 

  1. Select the upload button in the top right hand corner of your screen. 
  2. Choose the photos you want to upload and submit to Licensing. 
  3. Select the checkbox that says “License this photo.”

A pop-up will appear on your screen for you to choose whether you would like to opt-in to auto licensing and the exclusivity you would like to set for all your future uploaded photos. 

When you opt-in for all future uploads, any photo you upload will be automatically submitted to Licensing. You can also select Maybe later or Don’t show me again. 



Hit the Submit Button once you have finalized your photos with all the details including title, keywords, description meta data, etc. Once you submit these photos to Licensing, a gray badge with a clock will appear over your photo. This indicates that your photos are being processed through our AI Scan.

After the AI Scan, if your photos are suitable for licensing, they will be moved to an Under Review status unless any Changes are required for your photo like a Model or Property release. This will appear in your Licensing Manager.

If your photo does not make it through our AI scan, it will not be submitted to Licensing for review. You can always submit this photo manually afterwards. 

Please note that this is a one-time opt-in and from then on you are giving 500px permission to license any new photos that you upload to your profile. The goal is to save you the time and effort of having to manually submit photos to Licensing. 

How do I turn the opt-in feature off?

If you no longer wish to automatically submit your photos to Licensing this can be turned off through your Licensing Manager under Manage Settings. 



How do I change the exclusivity for my photos? 

You will have the option to select your exclusivity upon entry to the Auto-Licensing program. Once set, your photos will be automatically set as either exclusive, or non exclusive. 

If you need to change the exclusivity of a photo it can only be completed during the upload process. You can override this feature manually by selecting the photo individually and checking the Exclusivity box whether you want that photo to be submitted as Exclusive or Non-Exclusive. 

If you wish to update the Exclusivity for all your future uploads, this can be done through the Manage Settings in your Licensing Manager. 


I submitted a photo accidentally as non-exclusive. What should I do? 

If there is a photo that you submitted to Licensing whether it is set as non-exclusive or exclusive and it was done so by mistake, you will have to contact our CX team and they will be able to update this for you. We can only complete this request once your photo has been submitted to Licensing and is no longer processed through our AI Scan. 

How long will it take for my photos to go through the AI Scan? 

The AI Scan on average can take 10-20 minutes. 

How do I remove a photo from Licensing that is going through the AI Scan? 

This can be completed through your Photo Manager. 

  1. Select the photo that is going through our AI Scan through your Photo Manager. 
  2. On the right hand edit panel, you will see a notice that your photo is currently being scanned. 
  3. Select the “Click Here” option. 
  4. A pop-up will appear and click “Remove Photo from Licensing.”



Your photo will be removed from our AI Scan. If you want to license this photo in the future, it must be submitted manually through your Photo Manager. 

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