Gear Pages FAQ

What is Gear Pages?

Gear Pages are a great crowdsourced tool that goes far beyond what you’ll find in editorial reviews for cameras or lenses. It’s a constantly updated database providing all 500px members with a useful look at what people can do with these cameras and lenses in the real world.



Why is EXIF data important?

In the near future, we will be requiring EXIF data for all images submitted to Marketplace. Not only will this provide buyers with another way to locate images, but it also helps increase security for images submitted to Marketplace. Copyrighted images are often stripped of their EXIF data, providing a clear indication that an image should not be approved for Marketplace licensing by our Content Team.


The EXIF data automatically populated is incorrect. Can I override this?

If our system matches an incorrect lens/camera to your image, you can add/change the EXIF data in your Photo Manager ( When entering this new information, always be sure to use the official names of lenses/cameras from the manufacturer’s official websites in order to update the Gear Page successfully.

Can I disable Gear Pages?

No, Gear Pages cannot be disabled, but if you wish to remove your EXIF data from 500px, please delete and then re-upload the image with the EXIF data stripped. You can remove the EXIF data manually through your Photo Manager (, but this will not remove the Gear link. For more information, please refer to the following section of our Terms of Service (

“500px has the right to modify, alter and amend photo titles, descriptions, tags, and other accompanying information for any Visual Content and the right to submit Visual Content to other parties and authorized agents for the purpose of creating tags for Visual Content;”

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