Color Management Basics


Best practices for color management at 500px, now that we have broadened our color profile support, are as follows: 

  • For the best looking images, we continue suggesting no less than 2048 pixels on the shortest side. That gives us the flexibility to generate any size we need to deliver at optimal quality (and resizing from a large file hides any JPEG artifacts from the original upload to us). 
  • Remember that when working in color spaces with large gamuts, use 16-bits-per-channel color depth mode (or higher) to avoid posterization and banding. Then when exporting, use 8-bits-per-channel JPEGs. 
  • We do our best to deliver color profiles that are suited to the browser and system in use, so feel free to upload in sRGB, Adobe RGB, P3 or ProPhoto profiles. Just keep in mind if that for some reason the viewer has color profiles turned off or is using very old software/hardware, they may not see the image as intended.

If you think you’re seeing something wrong, please test your system before contacting us.

A good place to start is this browser test:

Our article detailing these items can be found here:

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