What is Pulse and Views?

What is Pulse?
Pulse is a score out of 100 points that measures how popular a photo is. Pulse is calculated by an algorithm, which is unique to 500px and is based on Views & Likes on your photo from the community. The Pulse algorithm was designed to promote daily exposure of new photographs and photographers. It is not necessarily a measure of photograph's quality.

It’s impossible to calculate or project your own Pulse, even though it may have been possible in the past. This is because it’s not possible to determine the value of each users’ actions on your photos.

When a photo is first uploaded its Pulse is at N/A or 0, meaning that it doesn't have any activity yet. When community members start adding Likes, Pulse starts to grow.
All new photos will start out in Fresh, as long as they include at least 3 tags, a title and a category. Once a photo is in Fresh and reaches a Pulse over 70, a photo is then included on the Upcoming page. With a Pulse over 80 the photo is added to the Popular page. All photos' Pulse drops after 24 hours, and again after a week.

Your photo's highest achieved Pulse will be recorded and displayed on the photo page.

Why did my Pulse drop suddenly?
The Pulse of all new photos drops after approximately 24 hours. This is to ensure fresh photos get a chance at Popular each day. It's also possible for Pulse to drop if votes are removed from it, or voters' accounts are closed after voting for your photo.

Why is my Pulse different than another photo that has similar views and votes?
That's part of Pulse's secret sauce. Each vote is assigned a unique value, based on the voters' and the photographer's activity on 500px. The details of the Pulse algorithm is a trade secret, which we do not disclose in order to prevent abuse.

What are Views?
Views is an approximate number of visitors who have visited and looked at your photo. 
It counts multiple views from other users, but doesn't count views from yourself.

All factors that affect the algorithm are not disclosed due to being a trade secret and to prevent abuse. Those who attempt to cheat the Pulse rating may be permanently banned from 500px.com. If you see any suspicious activity please report it to our Moderators by using these tips. For a complete list of 500px terms refer to our Terms page.



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