How do I manage my friends (following) and followers?

How to view your Friends (following) and Followers

1. Login to
2. Click on your name in the top right corner, then "My Profile"
3. Click on About
4. See your Followers and Following lists

How to add users to Friends

1. Log in to 500px.
2. Go to the profile page, or a photo, of a user whom you wish to add to friends.
3. Click on the blue Follow button located below the user’s name.
4. You are now friends with this user.

Pro-tip: To remove a Friend, just go back to their Profile and click this button again. 

Want to find friends from other social networks? 

Things are often more fun with friends. Now you can find yours with the Friend Finder feature on 500px. To use the finder, just click Find Friends to login and authorize a contact search on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. Fellow photographers on these networks who have 500px accounts will appear below each respective service, and you can choose to follow their work on 500px. 

How to remove users from Friends:

1. Log in to 500px.
2. Go to the profile page, or an photo, of a user whom you are following. Their profile page link will look like this:
3. Click on the grey Unfollow button located below the user’s name.

To use this URL just replace username with their username

How to view Friends' activity:

To use Flow to see your Friends' activity such as what photos they are Liking, commenting on and uploading just go to or click on Home in the top left hand corner of the page.

Can I block a follower?

You can not block a member from following you. If you experience harassment, copyright infringement or any other violation of our terms of service, please report it here and the member will be investigated by our Moderators accordingly. 

Having trouble following friends?

If you could follow friends in the past but now can’t this means that you’ve reached your daily limit, or total limit. Try waiting 24 hours to follow more people. Each member may follow 4000 photographers total.

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    Sam Allen

    My following list is full. It's pending followers which I need to cater for.

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