Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Licenses

What is the difference between Exclusive and non-Exclusive licenses?

Exclusive means that only 500px can license the image commercially and you have never licensed this content commercially before. ​Non-Exclusive means you can sell your image through other commercial licensing vendors, or directly to commercial buyers, or you have licensed it commercially in the past.


 The photographer will receive 60% net of each exclusive license sold and 30% on all non-exclusive photos. You can still use your licensed photos, both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive, for the purpose of self-promotion (e.g. personal website or portfolio) or sell them as fine art prints.

  Prime/Core Images Extended License Add-ons
Exclusive 60% 40%
Non-Exclusive 30% 30%

Which license is better for the Photographer?

 licensing provides a greater revenue opportunity for the Photographer and exclusive content will be featured more often by 500px. Exclusive content means only 500px can license this photo and you cannot license this photo to any other agency or make it commercially available to anyone else.

An exclusive image can be potentially licensed for "Exclusive Use", for a set period of time, for several thousand dollars in most cases. If a photo is licensed for this special "Exclusive Use" it can not be sold commercially to any other buyers during the time period negotiated. The photographer will earn 60% net of every exclusive license purchased.

Non-exclusive Licensing is meant for photos that have been licensed in the past, or you want to make available for commercial licensing through other vendors or agencies. These photos will earn 30% net on non-exclusive licenses purchased. 

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    I want to make sure I understand correctly. Can a photo with an Exclusive License still be sold as a fine art print on another website, like "Fine Art America"? 

  • 0
    Singha Pungao

    yes .sure you understand correctly.

  • 0
    Sergey Shishlov

    Может не в тему ... хочется спросить у других фотографов.
    Только у меня начиная с 2014 года продажи упали из за изменение ценовой политики 500px ?

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    Same question. And then I don't understand. If we can still sell them as a fine art print or on another website, it is no longer 500PX exclusivity .... Right ?

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    Hassan Faghihi


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