How do I add or edit keywords on my photos?

Keywording photos is a very important step to ensure your photos are easily discoverable by viewers and potential buyers. Here's an article that will outline how you should keyword photos for maximum discoverability.

Keywords on 500px are managed in your My Photos in the "Keywords" section on the right side of the page.

1. To add a keyword, simply select the image, type in a keyword in the box and then click Return/Enter. This will create a blue keyword. When you are happy with your choices, click SAVE at the bottom of the page. 

2. To remove a keyword, simply click the "x" beside the word, and then click SAVE. 

3. To edit multiple images at the same time, hold the command/ctrl key and select the images you want to edit. Then select the Action menu and click Edit to edit all of the selected images. Always remember to SAVE when you're done! 

Here are a few helpful articles on how to keyword your photos for maximum discoverability:

- How To Add Effective Keywords To Your Photos & Get Discovered By Buyers

- Keywords are Key

The most important tagging work is in choosing commonly-searched words that genuinely describe the image, and we would recommend focusing on this. Among other benefits, this will help people searching in languages other than English to find your tags via our translations (a third element of our CV) into a number of major languages.

About 10-15 tags per image is usually fine. Pay particular attention to the different categories of tag:

- *Location and objects* - Where in the world? City, State/Province, Country. Building names and types. What objects, devices and colours (e.g. red, mobile phone, x-ray, miso soup, potato, rollerskates) are present?
- *Setting and time* - e.g. indoor/outdoor, skyline, tropical, underwater, daytime, autumn
- *Themes, concepts and emotions* - what’s the big idea? What are the subjects of the image feeling? E.g. travel, history, love, healthy eating, ambition, cheerful, surveillance, refugees. Do not go overboard with concept/emotion tags.
- *People* - ethnicity, number of people, age (e.g. 70s, boy, young woman, 10 years old, child, seniors), gender, family or other relationships, appearance, clothing.
- *Animals, plants* - Species name if possible.
- *Activity* - e.g. walk, smile, hunt.
- *Viewpoint and composition* - e.g. high-angle, close-up, front view, portrait etc.
- *Photography techniques* - e.g. long exposure, copy space, digitally generated, etc.

Phrasal tags can be very useful - for example ‘black and white’ rather than separate tags ‘black’ and ‘white’.

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