How do I add or edit keywords on my photos?

Keywording photos is a very important step to ensure your photos are easily discoverable by viewers and potential buyers. Here's an article that will outline how you should keyword photos for maximum discoverability. Keywords on 500px are managed at in the "Keywords" section on the right side of the page.

Here are a few helpful articles on how to keyword your photos for maximum discoverability:

How To Add Effective Keywords To Your Photos & Get Discovered By Buyers

- Keywords are Key



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    Peri Vanvuchelen

    How to edit typo on our custom tag so that it is updated on every photo tagged with it ?

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    Dani Barchana

    Can I batch edit photos together?

    I sometimes have sets of photos that require the same inforpmation, like keywords, location and more... Can I batch edit them or copy everything from one to enother ?

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    Candace Clark

    500px wants me to add keywords to my photos and resubmit them.  How do I add the keywords?  I've checked Google and all the help info, but there is no information.


    Candace Clark

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    Hi Candice,

    From a desktop
    In the top right of your screen, click on your name, there's a menu.

    Then choose "Manage photos".

    Click on the thumbnail you want to edit

    The right frame allow you to edit title, description, keywords and so on.


    From a mobile
    Tap on the photo you want to edit,

    Tap on the 3 vertical points in the top right,

    Then tap on "Modify"


    Hope it helps :)


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