I'm having Lightroom plugin problems!

To have best plugin experience please make sure that you have the latest plugin version. You can update your plugin here: Always ensure you have a current backup of all your photos! We are not responsible for any photo loss during troubleshooting, syncing, etc.

Most of the common issues can be solved with a few simple steps. First, right-click on the plugin and click "Delete Publish Service..."

Now, setup the plugin again by clicking on the plugin and logging in to the service. Once logged in, click Sync Now, then click Save.

This will resync all of your Galleries, Profile, Library etc. If your Lightroom collection has lost it's link with your 500px photo, it will download thumbnails of your photos, which can be used to organize and manage your 500px Library.

Please note that the current version of the plugin supports Lightroom 4 & 5. Lightroom 2 & 3 are no longer supported.

The plugin is missing

If you are getting this message it means that you have relocated the plugin file to another spot on your computer and Lightroom can no longer find it. Download the plugin from and place it in your Applications or Programs folder. Using the Lightroom plugin manager, install the plugin again.

Can I replace or update an existing photo?

No, 500px does not allow photos to be updated with new versions, or replaced. Votes and comments on a photo are cast for that specific photo as it is, so replacing a photo after it has received votes or comments is not possible. You'll have to delete the current copy and upload a new one. The votes, comments, views, etc. on the current copy will be lost.

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    Mark Boadey

    The plugin will not install after latest LR update (Lightroom CC 2015.8 December 17th 2016)

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    Camil Adell

    In some galleries it says -1 photo and I have usually more than 10 photos in every gallery. This happens everytime I delete or update photos from a gallery. Does anyone know how to solve it? Thanks so much.

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    Oscar Pere

    same -1 photo issue. the image exists in 500px but doesnt show up in the expected library. 

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    Saša Pukšič

    Hello! I am trying to create private gallery (collection) in Lightroom publish plugin on my Mac and can't find option to make collection private. Am I missing something? Thank you!

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    Didier Kinget

    It refuses do upload pictures because of missing "title", "at least 3 keywords" or "category" which are not the case. The pictures fulfil to all 3 criteria. With other websites, like Flickr, I don't have this problem.  

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    Kathleen Nelson

    I am having the exact problem with the publish plugin as Didier Kinget. The Plugin will not upload photos because it says it has no title, at least 3 keywords, and category.  I have plenty of keywords, and nowhere do I see a place to add title or category. My other plugins for other websites don't have any problem.

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    Jeremy Caney

    I have an issue when publishing directly to Galleries ("Collections" in Lightroom).

    If I try to publish a set of photos to a Gallery, then the first photo will claim to be published, but will not show up on 500px. If I later publish that photo to my profile, it will then show up on my profile and the original Gallery, but apparently not in "Fresh" (i.e., it doesn't receive any views, likes, or comments). Any other photos in the batch will publish correctly.

    I can work around this issue by first publishing it to my profile, and then publishing it to the Gallery. If I do that, then all photos will be published correctly. If I forget this step, however, the mispublished photo is stuck in limbo. 

    I suspect this may be related to the "-1" issue noted by other customers in this thread; i.e., the 500px Plugin appears to miscount the number of images, thus reporting that it has processed all photos, even though it missed one. This may be related, as others have speculated, to previously deleting photos, thus causing the total count to be offset. 

    I love the ability to publish directly from Adobe Lightroom, but this makes the 500px Plugin less than reliable. Please be aware that I've reproduced this in both Lightroom 4 as well as Lightroom 6 (the current version that ships with Creative Cloud). 



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    Michael Kalus

    I am on the latest Plugin version. I removed and re-installed ias per this post. When I try to tell it to sync it keeps telling me that a collection by that name already exists. It does finish, shows me all the collections, then shows me zero photos in all the collections.

    When I try to publish a photo I get this:

    "1 photo was skipped because it doesn't have a title, category or three keywords."

    That error I have seen for a while. Why is the plugin no longer throwing up a window as it did in the past asking for the missing information instead of just catastrophically fail?

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    Gregg Plummer

    Wasn't able to publish a photo from Lightroom CC 2015.8 using the latest version of this plugin v1.10. I got a dialog just saying the photo wasn't published with no mention of missing metadata like title, category or keywords. Even so, I made sure the information was there.

    I have been using this plugin for quite awhile with no problems until today.

    After several attempts, I tried publishing this photo and it wouldn't work.I have no problems publishing it to my Flickr, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

    After several failed attempts, I tried the instructions in this post. I deleted this publish service, setup the plugin again and logged into my account.

    The web page to authorize the plugin to use my account appeared and I picked 'Authorize'. I was redirected back to the dialog and it showed I was logged in. 

    I accepted the default settings under the 'Syncing with 500px' section. 'Refresh collection names' and 'Sync Now!' were both checked. Then I picked 'Save'. 

    Now the only thing in my list of collections is 'Library' and it is empty. Previously, my galleries were listed as collections for this plugin. I added a collection using the same name as one of my galleries. After trying to 'Publish Now' or 'Mark to Republish' it doesn't sync to the photos in my gallery. Going back into the 500px plugin setting and picking 'Sync Now!' doesn't do anything either. I tried removing the check from the checkbox 'Refresh collection names' and then picked 'Sync Now!' and that doesn't do anything either. All of my collections and their photos are no longer listed or managed by this plugin.

    Then I tried creating another collection using the name of another existing gallery. This time I dragged the image I tried (but failed to publish) earlier into that collection. This time, after picking Publish, the photo finally published. However, nothing else updated or synced.

    I tried editing the 500px publish settings again, this time removing the 'Mark to Republish' check and picked 'Sync Now!' A 'Sync with 500px' message appeared, "Fetching photos and collections from 500px. This could take awhile." Then an error message appeared, "The value is not one of the specified values for this field."

    I'm really confused now. What did I do wrong, how can I get it working like it was before?

    Edited by Gregg Plummer
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    Marcos Gestal

    I know that it is strange... but i fixed it using 4 tags instead 3 :o)   It's simply and stupid but, at least for me, it works!!!

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    Jeroen van Gent

    I installed the plugin yesterday and uploaded some images just fine. Today I wanted to add a few more picture and get this pop-up when I try to publish from within the plugin:

    "An internal error has occurred: ?:0: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'fileSize' (a nil value)"

    Lightoom evrsion: 6.8

    Anyone alse who has experienced this?



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    Helen Higgs

    Does 500px have any support?  I'm having the same problem as others, with it refusing to upload my photo because of supposed missing data, even though there are 10 tags, a title and a (deprecated metadata) category.

    I have 2 images I uploaded a while ago, without problems (one of which didn't have a category or keywords).  I just cannot add any more.

    There doesn't seem much point persevering with 500px if it doesn't address support issues, but googling the error message only brings me to this (ignored) page.  Has anyone found an interactive support page of any kind

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    Kenneth Back

    Agree! What´s the point in running a support page when nobody in charge actually cares :(. I can´t upload anything either even though I have done as they suggest: first deleted the published service and then re-installed it. However, the only response I get from the service is 'Could not connect to 500px.' *Running Lightroom 2015.9.

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