Release Forms

​To determine whether you require a release or not, click here.

Click here to download Raw by 500px, which includes a release feature for photographers on the go!

Anyone wishing to purchase an image license on 500px must agree with the Commercial Licensing Agreement. This agreement outlines the legal requirements and limitations of the license options available at 500px.

In order to protect both the Photographer who is licensing their photos and the buyers who are purchasing the licensed photos, we require that at minimum, all Photographers must read and accept the Contributor License Agreement.

For Photos that have a person or persons that can be recognized within the photo, we must have a Model Release for each recognizable person in your photo. If you cannot obtain a signed Model Release, we can still use the Photo within our Editorial section of the Marketplace (editorial photos can be sold for use in journalism only, but not commercially). For models under the age of 18, we require that a parent or guardian sign the model release form. You can download the Model Release Form here.

The following ISO post also explains everything you need to know about model releases!

​For Photos that were taken in a known establishment or recognizable location, we may also require a Property Release Form (aka Location Release) that demonstrates you have the agreement from the owner(s) to use their location in your photograph for commercial use. You can download the Property Release Form (aka Location Release) here.

​What if my Model is under 18 years of age?​

For models under the age of 18, we require that a parent or guardian sign the model release form. Please print both the Child and Parent/Guardian name at the top of the form.

What if my Photo is a Self-Portrait?

​Even if your photo is a self-portrait, you will need to sign a Model Release form and just state on the form that this is a self-portrait.

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    Mark Hyde

    Do I need to purchase any licence to SELL my pictures???
    No one told me if I did!
    Have I been wasting my time??
    Not one person (so far as I'm aware) has even shown any sort of interest in buying any of my picture's :(.
    Time for me to move on possibly,

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    ناصر جمعان

    لدي بعض الصور لممثلين في المسرح ، هل استيطيع بيع تلك الصور ؟

    هل يقبل افراج عن الصورة باللغة العربية لان ليس جميع الناس يعرفون انجليزي ؟

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