How do I setup Two Factor Authentication?

You can enable two factor authentication on your account, to keep your payment and password settings extra secure.

1. To start, go to your account's Security Settings and create a password if you haven't already. If you log in with Facebook, Twitter or another social network, you will need to create an account password now.

2. Now click on Contact information and enter your cellular telephone number and click Verify. We'll send a verification code SMS to your phone. Note that in countries with strict telemarketing laws (ie. India), you can only receive these verification SMS messages between the hours of 9am and 9pm, Monday - Friday.

3. Once your phone is verified, you can choose to add Enhanced Security, using Google Authenticator. Click on the Enhanced Security option, enable it and then follow the on screen instructions.

What happens if I lose my phone, or my Google Authentication app?

If you lose access to your cell phone number, and can no longer receive text messages to it, unfortunately there is no way to unlock your account. If you lose access to your Google Authenticator app, send a request here and include your cellular phone number in your request, and we can reset your account.

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