Licensing: How do I remove a photo from Licensing?


As a licensing agent working on behalf of our Contributors, we incur costs and deploy resources to inspect submissions, clean up metadata and keywords, and deliver content to our partners. The grace period of 180 days is in place to ensure 500px and our distribution partners have sufficient time to recuperate expenditures associated with the aforementioned processes.  

Steps to remove your photo from Licensing:

You can remove a single photo from 500px Licensing in your Licensing Manager:

1. Navigate to the specific image in your Licensing Manager.

*Note: You can remove a photo with any Licensing status except Not Submitted, Declined and Removed (for obvious reasons).

2. Click on the overflow menu of the photo you'd like to remove. 

3. Click Remove.

You will be prompted with a removal message.

4. If everything sounds good, click 'Confirm and remove'.

5. The photo will transition directly to the My Photos and when a photo that was removed is selected and the Submit To Licensing button is pressed, an informative message will display for your reference.


Keep in mind, removing a photo from Licensing does NOT remove the photo from your 500px profile. The action of removing a photo from Licensing simply means you are withdrawing the photo from future licensing activity, once the grace period of 180 days has ended.

If you change your mind after removing a photo, you cannot re-instate the removed photo. Instead, you will need to start from the beginning of the process and upload and submit the photo to Licensing again.

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