Fan Page Guidelines

At 500px, our goal is to reward visual creativity for our entire community. This includes allowing 500px fan pages to share 500px photos. We’re proud of how supportive and engaged our community is, and we want to help you express your enthusiasm while respecting the intellectual property and trademark rights of 500px and our community.

This is important so that our community and partners do not get confused about what is and what is not an official 500px page, group or social media account.

If you’d like to create a 500px fan page on Facebook, or any other social media or blog platform, please follow these simple guidelines to ensure you are respecting the copyright of 500px members, and our protected trademarks.


  • Do not use the 500px logo on your page. Do not alter the 500px logo or incorporate your logo in it. This action could confuse our brand partners or community members.
  • You may only use the name “500px” in your page title if you include “Fan Page” or something similar.
  • You must include “This is an unofficial 500px fan page” or something similar in the description/bio of your page.
  • You must include the photo title, photographer attribution, and links back to the photo’s 500px page with each image you share.
  • If a photographer asks you to remove their photo from your page, please cooperate and remove the image.
  • You may not use the page for any commercial or financial gain.

Pages that do not follow these guidelines may be reported to the hosting platform for trademark or copyright infringement, and removed.

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