Galleries FAQ

What is Galleries?

Galleries is a feature that allows everyone to curate content based on their personal visual style. 500px members will have the ability to group any public photos based on any chosen theme together, making them more discoverable within the 500px community.



What is the difference for Free and Paid users?

We believe that the ability to express your creative vision through content curation should be unlimited. As such, we are making the Galleries functionality the same for everyone.



How do I remove my photo from someone else’s Gallery?

We’re excited by the potential of Galleries to resurface older content to new members who can engage with it again and again. This means your photos will stay relevant amongst the audience that really cares about the content you’re creating.  By increasing your photo’s exposure, you’ll also have an increased opportunity to license your photos to buyers and be monetarily rewarded for your work.

If your photo has been added to an offensive Gallery, you can request to have your photo removed by hovering over the photo and clicking the ‘…’ menu. You’ll see a Request removal option, which will send a request to our Moderators who will review the information and take action if appropriate. If our community has shared your photos in various Galleries, please keep in mind this does not fall under violation of the terms and conditions related to copyright infringement.

This sounds great! How do I create a Gallery?

The “Add to gallery” button will show up next to the “Like” button. You’ll be able to add a photo to a Gallery from many places, like the mobile home feed or any photo grid on web.

When adding to a Gallery, you will be presented with a list of Galleries to add to. You will also have the option to create a new Gallery. The default setting is Public, but you can click “Edit Details” and change your setting to Private. A lock indicates the Gallery is private.

You will be able to view and manage your Galleries from your Profile page (

You will be able to discover all public Galleries here:

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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