Contact Information FAQ

Note: If you are unable to confirm your Contact Information, please submit a ticket and include your preferred contact number as well as your location (country). We'll attempt to confirm your account. 

What is Contact Information Confirmation and when is it required?

As a photographer contributing to Licensing, you are required to submit your primary phone number and email address. If you are not submitting to the Licensing, Contact Information Confirmation is optional. Confirmation will only be required upon your first submission to the Marketplace or if you change your email address. This confirmation helps to increase security for you as the photographer by ensuring you are the only individual using your account. It also helps us get in touch with you if a buyer is interested in an exclusive buyout of your photo or if a buyer is interested in one of your photos that is in pending status (eg. missing releases, tags, etc.).

Why are these Confirmations important for 500px?

When you provide contact information, it helps 500px prevent fraudulent activity. Contact information will also make it much easier for us to get in touch with you when your photos are requested for licensing. This will also allow 500px to find photographers for special assignments. We have paid out more than  $300,000 USD in the last few months in 20 countries on custom assignments! We want to make sure we can contact you if you’re interested in participating in future custom shoots.

How is this going to improve communication between 500px and me?

Sometimes 500px emails go to our users’ spam folders or the email listed on a user’s account is not necessarily the best point of contact. Implementing this process will provide us with the best way to contact you and will ensure your contact details are always up to date.  We may need to contact you by telephone, especially for custom assignments, so providing an up to date phone number will ensure you are easy to get in touch with.

Where can I start this process?

The “Contact Confirmation” tab is located under the “Security” section of your “Settings” menu.

Is 500px going to use my contact information for anything else?

No, 500px will store your contact information with the utmost security and confidentiality. It will be used solely for the purpose of confirming your identity. 500px will never disclose, sell, or publish a phone number or email address. All information will be securely stored and will be used only for matters regarding formal communications from 500px.

What if I’m not interested in licensing my images?

Our users are not obligated to submit their photos for licensing. This confirmation process applies only to those users who are contributing to Licensing. However, even if you are not interested in licensing images, we do encourage you to confirm your contact information for security purposes.  


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