Suggested Keywords in Mobile FAQ

What is Suggested Keywords in the 500px Mobile app?

Suggested Keywords are keywords that we automatically recommend to add to your photo during the upload process, making it easier for your photo to gain exposure within the 500px community. Simply upload a photo, then tap the relevant suggested keywords that will appear below your photo to add them.

Can I still add my own keywords?

If the suggestions don’t cover what you think is important, you’ll still be able to enter and add the ones you want.  Just tap “+ add keyword” to bring up the keyboard as usual.

What about Suggested Keywords on the web?

We’ll be bringing suggested keywords to the web shortly. We wanted to focus on mobile devices first because of the added screen size limitations, but we’re sure it will be a feature everyone will find useful. User feedback and experiences will help inform further enhancements for both web and mobile versions of suggested keywords.  

How will this affect my discoverability?

Adding metadata to your photos is critical across the site regardless of platform. Basically, the more relevant keywords that are added to your photos the better. This ultimately helps reach the right audiences searching for your content. We hope this is just the beginning of smarter ways to help connect photography and photographers to the community at large.

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